Our dog has just completed a series of operations for Primary Lens Luxation of both eyes (PLL). This is a inherited genetic condition, which is very common amongst minature bull terriers.

Responsible breeders should be telling all new owners about this defect and how it should be treated.

It can be treated with some success, but the success depends on a number of factors, in particular how quickly you get your dog to a suitable treatment centre (this is not normally your vet).

It is unusual for it to occur before the age of three. Irresponsible breeders breed from dogs and bitches before they develop the symptoms and so can legitmately claim that they are not breeding from dogs that have the defect. The dogs then are put down with 'liver disease' or some other invented condition. So the condition is continued and intensified within the breed.

As a responsible owner you may already be taking your dog to an eye clinic twice a year to detect the onset of this condition, but one of our dogs eyes developed the condition within a month of his last test showing NO symptoms!

I am addressing this to YOU, the owner of a minature bull terrier, if you do not know WHAT to do, WHEN and WHAT to look for, you owe it to your dog to read further.

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