On one occasion a very well know designer had, because of her reputation at the time, prior entrance into the fashion show where other bridal designers were showing their work. When we went in one morning we found a ring under one of our dresses. We took the ring to the show organizer who recognised it as belonging to the designer herself!

Louise gave a lot of help to a particular designer to help her when she started up. This designer has repaid her by consistently copied Louises work. In particular, in the July '98 issue of Brides Magazine there is an identical copy of one of Louises dresses, even down to using the same lace! As we don't now participate in fashion shows (for obvious reasons!) we think the designer copied our design from a photograph of one of our brides in her dress, or maybe even original the dress itself.

One of our first fabric designs was identically copied by a very well know French fashion house.

On a lighter note, we have the distinction of having one of our dresses stolen from the front window of Harrods! The thief was apparently caught before he got too far!

In the early days at Harrods, our dresses were often displayed on the stairs. One of our signatures was printed and appliqued organza butterfies. It was not unusual for Louise to be called to replace the net overskirt to a dress displayed, as it now contained holes where the butterflies had been!

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